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Edit After signing a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1993, his musical band decided to release their first album soon.

So, they worked hard on their first album from that time on and they were also finally able to release their first album in 1994 under the title, Blunted on Reality.

as reviewed by Steve 'Flash' Juon There was a time when Nel Ust Wyclef Jean was among the greatest hip-hop artists.

Dating back to his time as a member of The Fugees I felt that the Haitian born hip-hop superstar had a unique voice not just among rappers but in the music industry as a whole. I felt that all Jean needed to do was maintain the consistency of production, lyricism and musicality he already had at that point for a long and prosperous career as a rapper with street cred who also had pop culture appeal for the masses.

So what do we make of Wyclef Jean in 2017, finally releasing a new full length album after so many years, giving us a previously unexpected sequel to a hip-hop classic almost a full decade later? Despite an unforgivably long absence from the musical scene, Jean's musical sensibilities are still sharp.

They signed a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1993 and finally released their first album the following year.Edit He became popular in the world after he was honored with the Grammy Awards in 1997.He got his nomination in this award that year from this second studio album, The Score. Edit He began his musical career as the band member of the Tranzlator Crew.He eloquently articulated the struggle of the immigrant to assimilate into the larger tapestry of his new home, the pain of the discrimination he felt for both his accent and his skin tone, and his desire for everyone to come together in love despite their cultural, political or religious differences. Since that time Jean has made many mistakes both musically and personally.While one can argue his Jean had only the most noble of intentions when he founded his Yele Haiti charity in the early 2000's, and they arguably did some good work in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne, they were unable to repeat that success following a devastating 2010 earthquake.

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