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She met a guy who tunes his guitars and ended up backstage and watching the the show from the stage.

Leave Kenny alone and stop making up stuff about him and taking pictures of her, get a life.

People are always harassing him and even his family and he comes from an awesome family so bug off. And he's a country music celebrity used to having his picture taken and what the heck is wrong with that. And by the way, back to my original question, which appears to have gone way off subject; I did find out about the gal with Kenny I was asking about. Ryan high school in Nashville and graduated from Western Ky. I hate to say this, but until I see him date someone closer to his age then I won't really believe these women want him for anything more than who he is and what he has.

The people who want their pictures made with him (or any other artist) ARE THE FOLKS THAT MADE HIM WHO IS HE TODAY AND PAY HIS BILLS. I know some will disagree with me, but honestly 23 year olds don't want 44 year old men except when they are Kenny Chesney. Good luck to the brunette who was with him last weekend & good luck to the blonde he still keeps in touch with & the rest of them too. They have also said its hard on him and relationships because of harrassing things his fans say and put out there. Jen unless you are the brunette they are talking about, i would calm down. I think some people think because they know someone in his family then that means they are special and should therefore defend his honor.

Regardless of which one of the above are true, I think this posting about her is very suspect and it sounds like to me she is trying to get her name out there associated with Kenny.

The same way some many others have done in the past, they just have to have some recognition as someone he has dated or whatever. I'm sorry but whoever she is, she is not some well known Nashville person.

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