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Whenever these disputes did flare up —as one did about the war in Ukraine — there was always someone there to remind the group of its true function: Trolling is a major feature of WPWW, and it was difficult to distinguish its members from the frequent posters on any misanthropic chan or subreddit festering in the penetralia of the internet, for whom racism is a shock tactic rather than a belief system.A lot of the mocking language in the group ("You transgender pan sexual mocca frapacino latte fluid based homosexual"; "No, you cis scum, I'm a trans hippopotamus") was completely of a piece with the trolls of the wider internet."Youth," dedicated to "White Nationalist issues among teens," was a natural place to try to figure out how the old ideas of white supremacy are being translated to a new generation — to Roof's generation.

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Yes, there were the requisite repugnant jokes about the intelligence of African-Americans and the work habits of Mexican-Americans, and yes, there were the requisite conspiracy theories about Jewish dominance of finance and the media.

On the other hand, the Kik group is optimized, instantaneous, integrated. This is white supremacism that looks like today's social internet — comprising many forms of media and users from around the world, weirdly irreverent, continuous.

As one poster, who said he is an 18-year-old living in Stockholm, told me, "We use it because we are able to communicate across borders and timezones, instantly without the delay of a forum or website."This shouldn't come as a surprise.

S., Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

There are almost certainly more nations represented.

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