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The thing is, this design doesn’t really look bad at first sight, the black skinsuit base looks good and the shorts part contain shades of gray which is actually a good design choice.Our qualms with this design is the ‘terminator’ branding and that logo from the terminator movies. You will either hate the garish design or love its intricate artwork. The design is initially drafted to a computer using a design application, in this case Adobe Illustrator, before going into production.With the advent of computers and software, more radical designs are easier to make and more accessible.We’ve seen our fair share of poorly designed, hideous and horrible looking skinsuits.Now, we’re not going to showcase them here but rather we’re going to feature skinsuit designs which still contain some unique ideas and creative design elements but which ultimately fail due to poor implementation of the original idea.The killer though is that milky pattern which just looks plain awkward.

On another note, some skinsuit designs will look good depending on the physique of the cyclist wearer.

It’s simple, minimalist and complements each other well, but somehow the design here looks boring coupled with the fact that there’s quite a lot of text in this design which further dulls it.

We really don’t know the origins of this British track cycling team (Team Terminator) as to whether this is an endorsement of the Terminator franchise, or a tie-up to the Terminator movies or just plain rip-off of the franchise but they somehow produce good cyclists such as the young cyclist on the far left (John Paul).

It could have been a nice design idea but the horrible design choices make this fail on so many levels (even if a female cyclist were to wear this one).

This skinsuit design for Fidea team isn’t all that bad. Observe the design closely and you’ll see text splattered haphazardly and there’s even text scrolled over the shorts area which is kind of redundant and pointless.

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