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In the case of meeting matches the information you have gleaned from each other’s profile is all you have to go on at the beginning.Make sure your profile is as full and rich as possible and answer as many of the questions about interests and hobbies as you can – these are all potential conversation topics.

If your match seems inconsistent or vague in their replies then listen to your intuition and remember you can always call customer support if there is anything you are unsure about. Something to talk about In order for any conversation to be interesting there needs to be good subject matter.Read a match’s profile properly and ask them about specific aspects of it – the music they like – the photographs they have posted – how they came to be on the site.Interesting people are interested in others and it is much better at this stage to keep the conversation about neutral topics rather than sharing your life stories and giving away personal details – remember that even though we do everything possible to ensure your safety some people may still misrepresent themselves.Tell them if they made you laugh or if you were pleased to receive a response from them – people like to feel that they make a difference so acknowledging that tingle of excitement when you see a message from a match is a good way of being emotionally honest without revealing too much about yourself.Avoid, wherever possible talking about problems or grievances as this stage – keep it light and remember to not get too invested in the outcome of your conversations before you meet up in person.

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