Richard fleeshman dating caissie levy

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He's a great presenter, he's won a BAFTA for his writing and I think that people maybe don't realise what a great actor he is in a theatre context. He deserves all the praise that he's getting.'Theatregoers have failed to notice, proving that Richard has nailed the accent.

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Caissie and I went through such a lot on that show and she is such a good friend.

To have the discipline you need to be on form and healthy and to give the necessary commitment really is an amazing thing.

It’s fascinating how squeamish some Brits seem to be about the title of Urinetown.

'It blows my mind ' he says 'that they don't have cordial drinks here in America. I'm good friends with James and I speak to him a lot.

He's so deserving of everything that he's getting because he's so supremely talented.

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