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"We work hard to try and get good results and [Voyeurweb] is a great place to share them." A non-adult humor site that has been taking advantage of the law of large numbers for years is The site's David Letterman-style "Interactive Top Ten" features user contributions on subjects like "Top Ten Reasons ' Xena: Warrior Princess' was canceled." (Reason No.What distinguishes sites like Voyeurweb from those amateur efforts -- past and present -- is the "Law of Large Numbers." Visit an amateur Web site on any subject at random and the content is likely to be mediocre at best.

Try Voyeurweb, the self-billed "highest frequented amateur photo site on Planet Earth." The site is a popular destination for the Web's ordinary folk -- if ordinary includes wanting to post pictures of oneself totally nude or engaged in explicit sex.

"Why would I submit my clips and captures to a copycat site and miss out on the chance of having Igor make his comments on them?

" Submitting "contris" to a site like Voyeurweb -- or any Web site -- requires a small act of courage.

The site is bursting with photos, the message boards are cascading and the chat room is lively around the clock. (He won't reveal the other two, "in case I need somewhere to run to.") A former top marketing executive at one of the biggest software vendors in the world (again, he won't say which), Igor quit his job after one too many reorganizations and took time off to pursue other interests. " Convinced that content should be an interactive experience, he decided to ask "netizens to help me to build a site with their photos." Today Voyeurweb draws about 1 million unique visitors a day (1.3 million on a recent Monday). Two eight-person crews work 18 hours a day reviewing and processing submissions.

One 50-something female contributor named "jewels" affectionately refers to the destination as "our own little breakfast club." Launched four years ago, Voyeurweb is the brainchild of 42-year-old Igor Shoemaker, an entrepreneur who says he holds citizenship in four countries including the U. He surfed the Web and was struck by the way most Web sites treated content like a "one-way street." "Why are you using the Web? Contributors include a "story" along with their photos, and five editors provide "commentary." The photos vary in quality from the awkwardly posed to the artfully rendered.

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