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Some service providers believe they can be compelled to turn over meta data but not message content.

An emerging class of social media services (, Yelp, Gowalla) collect and store not just messages, but also location information. See related post on deception in investigations on Facebook and other social networks. So the default at FB (at least for a user like me) is to send lots of text messages to my phone that refer to activity in my FB world.

Some recent cases have been compelling users to turn over, to their adversaries, their social media user ID and password."Once I remember walking with a prosperous publisher, who made a remark which I have often heard before; it is, indeed, almost a motto of our modern world.I had heard it once too often, and I saw suddenly that there was nothing in it.For example, here is a screenshot of an email from Facebook: Hence, the user’s email account may contain the content and date/time of many desired Facebook messages, even those messages (ESI*) that have been deleted from Facebook.Records on Cell Phones Another place to look for Facebook notices and content may be SMS records on the user’s cell phone.

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