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History shows us that change is incredibly slow, that the pendulum swings between tolerance and open societies to intolerance and closed societies, that the ugliest traits of humankind are as much a part of us as our most wonderful traits.

But there is always light and beauty and wonder and kindness, even in the darkest of days.

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Read more On this Friday’s episode of Sophisticated Boom Boom, I’ve got the world’s most passionate dedicated collector of 60s 70s Turkish female artists—Kornelia Binicewicz, who followed her love of Turkish femme sounds from Krakow to Istanbul in the hot pursuit of the original 45s and LPs.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. This Thursday October 20th from 7pm-10pm, Frangry Michele of WFMU’s Shut Up Weirdo will be throwing a meet-up party at the beautiful mid-century-inspired cocktail bar, El Cortez, 17 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn.

I’ll be spinning 45s along with WFMU DJs Gaylord Fields and Duane Harriot.

I thought, this is a record I’ve heard in New York, Helsinki, London, Boston, Baltimore, LA, and now Copenhagen. Unknown to the majority of the world, yet cherished and adored by a select few music lovers and record collectors, and played at soul parties across the globe.

And that really summed up the magic of spending two weeks traversing the European continent, meeting folks in London, Helsinki, Budva (Montenegro), Copenhagen, and Paris, who, like me, love digging up old records and sharing them with the people.

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And thus for two weeks of the year we host the Fundraising Marathon, during which we solicit donations from WFMU’s lovely listeners to help keep us alive and thriving.

Police said they arrested a woman on a prostitution charge after a video of her soliciting service surfaced online.

Jennifer Souza, 31, of Moosup, was arrested after the Plainfield Police Department obtained an arrest warrant.

Police said they began investigating after Souza was seen in the video in and around the village of Moosup.

Souza was already in custody for an unrelated arrest, according to police.

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