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A few of the smaller schools had students who competed in more than one sport.

Because so many games had to be played, scheduling was tight and there were a couple of forfeits due to lack of players.

Thankfully though, for the most part, I remembered that the games were about the students and instilling in them all of the valuable lessons that come from team sports.

My presence that weekend wasn’t required as I am not an official coach but the students seemed to appreciate me being there and I felt much more integrated with the high school!

For a few weeks volleyball was my favorite part of the day!

The coach pulls out a tape measure and has the boys measure the height of the rim and the distance to the free throw line to prove that although the stadium is huge, the court is the same size as back home.

However, what I realized was comical, was that the volleyball court we play at in my community, is Not the same dimensions as TTI’s court.

Instead of a dirt court, with not quite enough flat ground to be full sized, and a short, saggy bet, TTI has a full sized, cement court, with a high, firm net.

Volleyball has always been a sport I love to play so I was really happy to learn that it is popular here in Lesotho.

It is a sport that boys and girls play and as they get older men seem to have the most enthusiasm for it.

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