Error updating the administration application pool credentials stsadm

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However when I tried to change the application pool identity from the domain administrator to this account, I received the dreaded "Cannot connect to configuration database" error. Open Sub Key(String name, Boolean writable) at Microsoft. A quick scan of the logs showed that the farm account was still missing some required permissions on the server. But the point is, it is cathartic and in actual fact, good therapy because venting your frustrations at Bill Gates is much healthier than at your colleagues or family. SPConfiguration Database.get_Registry Connection String() at Microsoft. So although sometimes the M$ bashing is completely unjustified, long shall it continue to preserve the sanity of IT professionals around the globe. Open Sub Key(String name, Boolean writable) at Microsoft. The answer is that the Share Point database schema changes with hotfixes and service packs.

I reran the Share Point Configuration Wizard, choosing *not* to disconnect from the farm and to continue using this server as the Central Administration server. Normally on a member server, a Share Point Installation would create three local groups as shown below In a domain controller situation, these local groups are not created because there is no concept of local security accounts. I mentioned earlier that Share Point was running as domain administrator as well as installed onto a DC (talk about a double whammy! My main motivation was to change this back to use low privileged accounts. I had created a new account to run the Share Point farm, granted it db_creator and securityadmin privileges on the SQL Server, and added the account to the farm administrators group in Share Point. SPConfiguration Database.get_Registry Connection String() The Zone of the assembly that failed was: My Computer 88bl Monitorable An exception occured while trying to acquire the local farm: System. Security Exception: Requested registry access is not allowed. The domain demotion worked fine, a reboot later and I was back as a member server. So I decided to demote the server back to a member server, and then rerun the configuration wizard. Translate(Identity Reference Collection source Accounts, Type target Type, Boolean force Success) at System.

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