Dns updating slow

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a ping of 'google.com' returns a 'could not find host' while a ping of a google IP returns great results.Likewise, in a web browser, I can browse to a Google IP but not the host name.

If you are moving a domain from one DNS host to another, Cache Check can help you make that transition smoother.

I also have a netopia router/modem providing my WAN access.

My router/modem is configured with DHCP off and connected to a 24 port switch.

I have re-installed the Intel wireless driver, which had no effect.

In IE, I select 'Fix Connection Problems' which returns the following issue that cannot be fixed: "One or more network protocols are missing on this computer." I have found troubleshooting steps that included flushing the netsh catalog and other items, but nothing has had any result.

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