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Remove any information that you don’t want to share with a stranger. Pick a site that caters to the type of people you are looking to meet.Set up a non work or school related e-mail account, if necessary, to maintain your anonymity when communicating outside a chat venue or dating app. Make sure it’s an easy place to depart from, if you need to.

"Two months later, when Illinois decides to let them in, they have already been marketed to by other colleges where they got in.

But in December, Steimle, 18, learned that his application had been deferred. he had accepted an offer from Indiana University's business school, which had admitted him within weeks of receiving his application. In the face of declining in-state enrollment, the U. this year is focusing its efforts on making applicants from Illinois feel wanted, Marshall said.

By the time the university accepted him in February to the general studies program and in April to the College of Business, it was too little, too late. The number of Illinois freshmen at the state's flagship public university has dropped precipitously in recent years — to 4,974 this fall, from 6,385 in 2006.

□ Make sure you have a clear idea of what is going to happen when you meet this person. □ If it’s clear that your meeting will include sexual activity, consider discussing HIV and STD status and safer sex options.

□ Let someone know you’re going out to meet someone you met online. □ Leave all of the contact information you have for the person you are meeting (i.e.

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