Dating the book of job

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Throughout recorded history people have asked: How can this be?

We may be sure that the author was an Israelite, since he (not Job or his friends) frequently uses the Israelite covenant name for God (Yahweh; NIV “the Lord”). 1–2), divine discourses (38:1—42:6) and epilogue (42:7–17) “Lord” occurs a total of 25 times, while in the rest of the book (chs. This unknown author probably had access to a tradition (oral or written) about an ancient righteous man who endured great suffering with remarkable ”perseverance” (Job ; see note there) and without turning against God (see Eze ,20), a tradition he put to use for his own purposes.

The discovery of a Targum (Aramaic paraphrase) on Job dating to the first or second century b.c.

(the earliest written Targum yet discovered) makes a very late date for composition highly unlikely.

Even the pre-Christian translator(s) of Job into Greek (the Septuagint) seems often to have been perplexed.

The Septuagint of Job is about 400 lines shorter than the accepted Hebrew text, and it may be that the translator(s) simply omitted lines he (they) did not understand.

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