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The disassembly of the automatic winding mechanism proceeds as follows: first remove the locking wheel bridge (top left and right, below), followed by the roller locking wheel (the multi-tiered wheel) and the first reduction wheel; next, remove the second reverser idler before levering off the first reverser idler which is secured to its post by a snap spring.The transmission route provided by the rotation of the oscillating weight is shown in the figure below, taken from the movement technical guide: The purpose of the roller locking wheel is to ensure that regardless of the direction of rotation of the oscillating weight, the ratchet wheel which winds the mainspring always rotates in the same direction (anticlockwise when viewed from above).With the movement safely sitting on a movement holder, the lovely condition of the dial, markers and hands is easier to appreciate.The convex dial curves down to meet the edge of movement main plate, leaving no room for a dial spacer.It is all too easy to categorize as a result every Seiko as a non-hacking auto lacking a manual winding facility and further to conclude that the middle of the road staple Seiko movement is placed a notch or two below the lofty sophistication of say an ETA 2472, only countering in its ability to run for decades without maintenance.Until relatively recently, my perspective on the Seiko movement landscape of the 1960’s was of a foundation defined by the venerable 62 series, fitted in various forms to all and sundry from aspirational to royalty, and subsequently replaced by the 61 series, also fitted hither and thither to pretty much all levels within the Seiko model hierarchy.

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I plead guilty to forming just such an impression during my formative years as a vintage Seiko obsessive.It seemed to me at the time that pretty much every watch worthy of consideration was fitted with some variant of the Seiko 61 or 62 series movement, with the lesser fare served by a movement caliber beginning with a 7.The honorable exception to the rule was the Bell-Matic with its innovative 4005/6.However, that perspective fails rather to take account of a number of sophisticated, beautifully designed calibres sitting left of field, one notable example being the svelt 83 series automatic, which made its entrance as early as 1963.The base 830, an automatic without calendar function was fitted to the Seikomatic Slim released in August 1963 and marketed for its slender profile.

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