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• For better results, back up with T&G Cleanse Collection products This deep conditioning mask is delivered in a rectangular box in which lies the actual product.It comes in the form of a medium sized tub which is minted out of ivory colored plastic.Today, I am going to share with you my take on Toni&Guy NOURISH Reconstruction Mask.It’s been a year since I underwent hair smoothening and since then it has been shiny and smooth and awesome looking.The scent of the product is very mild and you have to literally dig your nose in the tub to take a good sniff.

I began applying the product by taking some in my palms and gently rubbing it downwards from the top 3/4th length of my hair giving special attention to the dry, brittle ends. I had to use a generous amount of it summing up to about 4 big dollops due to the volume of my hair.It does not linger on your hair, which if you don’t like scents may be a positive for you.• Leaves your hair super soft to touch • Adds a nice shine • Moisturizes well • The packaging is sturdy • Great consistency, easy to spread • Mild scent for those who like it • Greatly lessens frizziness • Little pricey • No particular scent that stays Would I recommend Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask?After letting it sit there for about 4-5 minutes I washed it out with cold running water. The result was amazing as it gave my tresses a very, very soft touch and did add a lot of shine to it.My hair felt great and it did not turn true on my fear of making them limp and oily.

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