Dating a blood gang member

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Following the outbreaks of internal gang violence, Luis Felipe and 19 others were charged with murder and racketeering; the indictments ended in 1995 with 39 Latin Kings and 1 Latin Queen indicted under the RICO Act.

The details of the charges against Felipe were later revealed: Felipe was charged with ordering the killing of William (Lil Man) Cartagena.

Cartegena was taken to an abandoned Bronx apartment where he was strangled, decapitated, mutilated and his corpse set on fire.

Although Felipe was in prison, the government later alleged he had ordered a TOS ("Terminate On Sight") to all Latin Kings for the murder of Cartagena.

but also the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins. Kingism as an ideology is a unique blend of tribal gang rhetoric and religious mysticisms.

As one member put it, the Manifesto is "considered our Bible," and reading it is to go "from the darkness to the light." This can readily be seen in the following passage from the King's manifesto explaining the significance of the salute, which readily combines organizational fealty with Judeo-Christian theism and some variety of nature worship: A fist upon our heart.

North America/Caribbean: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic.

However, Felipe continued to guide the ALKQN members, who now numbered about 2,000, both incarcerated and free.

Latin Kings associating with New York State Bloodline Chapter also identify as the "Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN)." Membership is estimated to be as many as 7,500, divided among several dozen Tribes operating in 15 cities in 5 states.

New York State Bloodline Latin Kings share a common culture and structure with KMC and respect them as the Motherland, but not all chapters report to the Chicago leadership hierarchy.

The head (or heads) of the entire criminal organization are known as "coronas" ("crowns" in English).

One retired detective said in 2004: "When you compare them to other street gangs like the Bloods and the Crips, none compare to the organization of the Latin Kings." This form includes a variety of information about the allegation including the violation, the version of the accused, and members present or other witnesses.

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