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Pretty much every production decision past casting Bill Nye was a mistake.The show is bad at best, and damaging to the conversation at worst.Along with Neil de Grasse Tyson, Nye is one of the most popular scientists who has found an entire audience based on his online persona.The scientist has turned himself into a meme, joked about being photobombed and has done countless AMA sessions on various websites, including Reddit.Coming to the show now in part because of the legacy Nye has created for himself, multiple people have written about how obnoxious they find Nye’s overall gusto. “I come from the UK, so I never grew up with Bill Nye. He was also trying WAY too fucking hard to be 'cool'.” Part of Nye’s charm was the he’s always been awkward.His humor consists of “dad jokes,” and when the internet came around, that didn’t change.

People have voiced their frustrations with the series, but one of the top rated answers seems to get at the heart of what the majority of viewers took issue with.Our nostalgia wants us to believe that he was much cooler than he was, but it blinds us.With Nye moving to Netflix, he also has the ability to get away with being more direct.These are subjects that he deeply believes in talking about — and part of that comes from talking to fans and critics online about it.He’s talked about how social media changes our lives and how it should be used, as seen in the video below.

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