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He has a soul and unique purpose on this earth that only he can fulfill.Thank God, there are plenty of phenomenally wonderful people in the world.If your date says no because you grew up non-religious, thought you were too serious, or because he just “wasn’t feeling it,” – the reason doesn’t matter – he is not a bad person and nor are you. The person you are meant to marry will find you – and embrace your qualities. When Rochel is not studying in panic or involved in a deep conversation with a stranger, she works as a freelance writer.The word ‘rejection’ need not have such negative connotations. It brings you one step closer to meeting your match… Her down-to-earth pieces cover topics spanning from psychology to religion to the tiny details of life.Many singles have a misperception about the importance of a "Dating-for-Marriage Progression." The progression goes something like this: meet someone, begin dating, decide to become boyfriend/girlfriend, spend lots of time together testing compatibility, and within 1-3 years decide whether to get married.The reality is that while many married couples did go through this progression (because it's the norm in today's dating world), it is not necessary.But only one out of those thousands is meant for you.In the dating process we are often fortunate enough to cross paths with those objectively fantastic people.

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As we turn to our kitchens to eat our feelings, we begin to wonder, Is there something wrong with me? Many people will pin the other guy (or girl) as a jerk, undeserving, or immature.You won't want to be romantic with these people because you'll know they're GONE's... Which would you rather do: spend the next five years in eight different GONE's -- all with romantic elements, and ending up at the end of those five years single, or would you rather bypass the GONE's (and the temporary romance) and find your spouse after three years?Lots of romance for five years then single, or minimizing the GONE's (and thus the romance) and finding your spouse after three years?” For some of us, it just takes a while until we find our such-and-such.So whoever you are that is reading this, be confident in your abilities, your qualities, and God’s capacity to conduct this world in a way that is entirely more perfect and complicated than you can begin to imagine.

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