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This analogy is sometimes extended further by media references to "Summer Olympiads". Olympic Committee often uses the term quadrennium, which it claims refers to the same four-year period.

However, the IOC does not seem to make an official distinction between Olympiads for the summer and winter games, and such usage particularly for the Winter Olympics is not consistent with the numbering discussed above. However, it indicates these quadrennia in calendar years, starting with the first year after the Summer Olympics and ending with the year the next Olympics are held.

The games were therefore essentially a new years festival.

In 776 BC this occurred on either July 23 or August 21.

During the early years of the Olympiad, any physical benefit deriving from a sport was banned.

Some winners were recorded though, until the last Olympiad of 393AD.

For example: Some media people have from time to time referred to a particular (e.g., the nth) Winter Olympics as "the Games of the nth Winter Olympiad", perhaps believing it to be the correct formal name for the Winter Games by analogy with that of the Summer Games.

The sophist Hippias was the first writer to publish a list of victors of the Olympic Games, and by the time of Eratosthenes, it was generally agreed that the first Olympic games had happened during the summer of 776 BC.

By extrapolation to the Gregorian calendar, the 2nd year of the 699th Olympiad begins in (Northern-Hemisphere) mid-summer 2018.

A modern Olympiad refers to a four-year period beginning January 1 of a year in which the Summer Olympics are due to occur.

The Eleians declared such games Anolympiads (non-Olympics), but it is assumed the winners were nevertheless recorded.

During the 3rd century AD, records of the games are so scanty that historians are not certain whether after 261 they were still held every four years.

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